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Nowadays, we all have access to a lot of information and we no longer know exactly, what is good for us and what is not. What kind of diets are healthy and which ones we should avoid. To be healthy does not mean to be hungry. This is why we would like to help you achieve a better version of yourself, because your triumph is our triumph. We have a professional team of nutritionists, who will be assessing you along this process, no matter what needs you may have: whether it is a diet to lose weight or a postpartum diet, etc. We will study your personal case and adapt the diet in order for you to reach your weight loss goals in the shortest time possible, based on a healthy nutrition.
Neus Palacios

Neus Palacios

Nutritionist, Corporis Sanum

Why can't I lose weight when all I do is being hungry? Is the food that I am eating really helping me to reach my weight goals? In Corporis Sanum, we want to help you to re-learn your eating habits to reach a better nutrition by using healthy food as your main tool. Forget about being hungry because of strict dieting to lose weight and start reaching your weight goals now in a much easier way.
Amparo Pastor

Amparo Pastor

Nutritionist, Corporis Sanum

We develop the right diet for you, helping you to reach your weight goals in a healthier way by adapting it to your personal needs. You will be advised on: how to lose weight, fitness/physical exercise, diets adapted to menopause or postpartum, what to eat or even think out your food shopping list in a more suitable way, tailored for you and according to your personal needs and preferences.

How do we work?

“We carefully study your case in order to develop a personalised diet for you, which adapts in the best way possible to your needs and preferences.”
The process is very easy. You only have to contact our professional team of nutritionists, who will then, together with you, elaborate your very own personalised diet plan.

We analyse your personal case

Complete our nutritional questionnaire and allow us to get to know you and learn about your specific needs.
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We guide you through the process

We develop a personalised and well-balanced diet and will guide you on each step of the way during this change.
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Forget about strict diets

You will learn how to eat well. It is no longer necessary to try those "miracle"-diets.
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We analyse your case and develop your personalised diet

Every person has a different body and health conditions. This is why it is vital to have a personalised diet. Our diet plans for losing weight are exclusively elaborated for you in order for you to accomplish your goals. We are aware of the fact that change implies effort. This is the reason, why we will be by your side throughout the process and help you reach your better YOU until you feel comfortable with yourself again. Additionally, it is our own objective to give you guidelines and advice so that in the end, you can continue the diet by yourself and without any further help. If you are looking for a diet to lose weight with the help of a healthy nutrition plan, this is your best option. You will see that you will not gain back the weight that you will be losing, if you maintain the diet tailored just for you.

Start losing weight now

Our clients have already reached their goal. Start improving your life, eat well and lose weight now, all at the same time! You can do it, too!!

I had already lost all motivation, to be honest. In the past, I have tried many "miracle"-diets, have lost weight and after just a short time gained it back by experiencing the famous "rebound" effect. But finally, I found a team of professional nutritionists, who listened to my case, understood me and were there to help and guide me throughout this whole weight loss process. With their advice, their support to carry on and by understanding that change has to start within yourself, I learned that I had to change for myself and not for others.

Sarah Wright


"Trust", this is the best word to describe working together with the team of Corporis Sanum. A friend of mine, who already was in contact with their professional nutritionists, told me about how well they treat her and actually are interested in her personal case. This was showing in the results. When I then contacted Corporis Sanum myself, they took their time to answer all of my questions and explained everything concerning some doubts that I had. The simple fact to be able to connect directly with the team at any time made the whole experience much easier, because, apart from already being in contact with a professional team of nutritionists, it actually felt like I was working with friends. Thank you so much, Corporis Sanum!

Rachel Walker


I have tried many diets in my life for as long as I can remember. I lost weight, starved myself, which, as a result, increased my anxieties. This is also the reason, why I started to regain the weight that I had lost, sometimes even gained extra weight. Now, I can finally say: "I made it!" I followed through with my personal diet plan, or, as Neus always calls it "my time to learn how to eat well". Ever since I started with Corporis Sanum about 6 months ago, I have not put on any more weight. I feel more agile and much more comfortable with myself. I have not gone back to starving myself, the team has constantly been by my side and thanks to Corporis Sanum and their support, I made it. I am so grateful! 🙂

Diane Henderson


My whole lifestyle has changed. After 3 months of following my diet plan, I have not only lost body mass, but also gradually in weight, just the way it is supposed to be. I also have to mention that I did not have to be hungry all the time, and although I am not the kind of person for physical exercise or going to the gym, I have started to improve my physical activities with little tricks like parking my car a little further away from home. Or force myself to use the staircase instead of the elevator. I am very happy to have made the decision to get in touch with Corporis Sanum, because their team of professional nutritionists are very kind, understanding and will always guide you along the way, which makes the whole process much easier. You feel that you are not alone on this journey and that you will achieve your set goals. I wish the whole Corporis Sanum team all the best. Thank you very much for everything. You changed my life.

Jade Wilkinson