2-months personalised diet plan

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Each person has personal needs and works in their own time and rhythm. Additionally, the motives and goals of each person are different. This is why a personalised diet is necessary.

In Corporis Sanum we want you to know that whatever needs and conditions you have, we can help you. Our job is to guide each person to get to their very own best version.

Therefore, by contacting us, we can elaborate a personalised diet plan that best suits you and your personal needs and preferences.

With our diet plans you will:

  • Adapt your eating habits to your personal circumstances.
  • Achieve your ideal weight in a healthy and permanent way, according to your specific needs.
  • Learn to eat healthy in order to get to your desired weight loss goals.
  • All the nutritional advice you need.
  • Learn to do the food shopping, and therefore, better manage your finances.
  • Extend your cooking recipes with healthy dishes.


  • Once you have made the payment and filled out our nutritional questionnaire, you will receive your personalised diet plan within 2-3 working days.
  • We will contact you once a week to follow up and improve the dieting process.
  • If you have any questions, we will be there for you by WhatsApp and/or email.




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